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Hands on From Start to Finish



Grasping an understanding of your ideal home is the first step to a successful remodeling.



Designing is taking your hopes and making them everything you could’ve imagined.



Next, we begin the planning process with a 3D rendering of what your home will look like.



Now comes the fun: the build! You are involved in every step, including construction.

[ working steps ]

Our Working Process

  • 01
    Building a Concept
  • 02
    Creating a Budget
  • 03
    Process of Design
  • 04
    Constructing Your Vision
High quality designs take time, but have the best pay off in the end. Our professional approach to understanding your ideal home eliminates mistakes made by other companies and keeps us moving in the right direction. Your home will look better than imagined with Invision.
With Invision, we understand that budgeting is a huge part of remodeling. You will never pay for a step in the process that wasn't completed. This allows you to create a budget without breaking the bank and begin enjoying your new home sooner!
Seeing your concepts and dreams in full detail before beginning construction is extremely important, which is why we design a 3D rendering before starting the building process. You will be involved every step of the way to ensure that your vision comes to life the way you dreamed of.
Our contractors are professional and will be overseen by the same project manager that you met during your consultation phase. Construction is the fun part where you get to finally see your dream home in real life. Your happiness is our number one priority!
[ interior design ]

Our Advantages in Design

Our Philosophies

At Invision, we understand that your home is more than just a place you live in. A home is a safe place where people spend the majority of their lives. We take your visions for your perfect home and transform your dreams into a reality.

Not Just Construction

Invision is more than just a design or construction company. We are a family and treat our clients as such. We also have high standards and hold true to our values. Our foundations are built on trust, honesty, and transparency.

Serving San Diego

We are based in San Diego and proudly serve the surrounding areas. We are transparent contractors that will listen to all your concepts and understand your vision. We only give high-quality services and workmanship.

Revamp Your Home

Transforming the environment you live in can give your home a whole new feel. Our professional design and build construction company can help you live a new life! Don’t put that project off any longer, get your dream home today!