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Invision Makes Concepts Turn Into Success Stories

Customer Focus

Customers choose Invision simply because we put them first. Communication and understanding is the most important part of any project, especially in your home.


We develop a full plan of each step from start to finish that is shared with you from the beginning. We want to show you the right path for your design.

Multi Experience

Invision is your one stop shop for your entire rebuild. From design, to construction, to furniture, we do it all. This is to ensure that your vision is brought to life seamlessly.

Author`s Supervision

Nothing will be completed without your approval. We go through each step thoroughly, prior to it being done in case you would like to make any last minute changes.

Original Designs

Designs and plans made for you

Functional Remodels

Give yourself the space you want

High-Quality Builds

Build with us from the ground up

A Sketch of Our Process


We offer a free in-home consultation to fully grasp your ideas and visions of your dream home.


Based on the consultation, we begin creating a layout and blueprint for your home.


After the blueprints are done and approved by you, we begin designing your perfect home.


Construction time! This is where you get to relax and watch your dream turn into a reality.


What Can We Offer

Design & Planning

Based on your visions, we can design the perfect build for your home.

Custom Solutions

We provide creative and aesthetically stunning home solutions.

Furniture & Decor

Our work doesn't end there, we do everything from construction to furnishing.







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Invision's Blueprints

  • Fun, easy, simple processes for home rebuilds
  • Beautiful, unique layouts and designs
  • Client and communicative driven projects
  • Years of professionalism driving San Diego's best remodels
  • Three generations in construction
  • First remodel in 2008
  • Beginning Our Services, 2012
  • Expanding and transforming homes as a passion forever

Our Indoor and Outdoor Designs

Whether your project is inside, outside, or both, Invision has you covered with beautiful, speedy and professional designs and builds. We take high-quality design to the next level.

Indoor Design

We take the layout of your home and your vision and combine them to create premier custom builds.

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Outdoor Design

No matter what the original looked like, we can transform the layout and design of the exterior of your home.

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